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August 28 2019

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August 04 2019

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July 26 2019

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Ladies and Gentlemen,  
may I present:
My Colleagues
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in case anybody wanted to know what an anti-capitalist revolution on the personal level looks like. Yes, she probably is rich. Anti-capitalism doesn't mean everybody has to be poor. It just means that when you have enough to provide food, adequate shelter and are financially stable enough to afford some luxury, you can stop hoarding and start giving back. Giving back doesn't even have to mean physically handing out your own hard-earned money. Just fair pricing.
Also, I am aware that, until one reaches this point of financial stability, a more venue-oriented pricing is required. It's not about taking away from those who don't have enough.
It's about calling in the promises of trickle-down: When you DO HAVE ENOUGH, support others.
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July 23 2019

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